Gabriel's Trumpet ~ Intuitive Coach Geralyn St Joseph

Why Intuitive Coaching?

Now that we understand the difference between a business coach and a business consultant, let us look at the difference an Intuitive approach to these two methods of business mentoring can make.

Taking an Intuitive approach to either of these styles helps you to realize your company's full potential. Learning to be more intuitive in your business decisions can give you a step up on the competition. Using your instincts helps you to make decisions based on more information than you are consciously aware of at that time. Using a logical approach can be quite limiting to a company's growth when bold moves are needed for success and one needs to remain a few paces ahead of the rest. I compare it to sitting in a traffic jam. Using only what is in front of you does not furnish you with enough information to make a qualified decision. You don't know why the traffic is stalled, how long it will take or what avenues are open to you. But if you have a direct connect to the traffic helicopter you can acquire all the info you need because the traffic helicopter sees the whole picture.

Using your intuition [or mine] may not give you a detailed look at the landscape, but it will give you enough information to know whether a particular course of action will better serve you.

Corporate Events

Make your corporate event exciting and effective with a motivational [can be interactive] talk or seminar. Let me know what topic you would like.

Business Consulting

I have been in management in many different types of companies and I find that one thing is consistent throughout – people. When you’re working with people you need to be aware of not only skill sets when building a team, but personalities. Conflict within the ranks at any level makes a business less productive. Learn techniques to minimize this conflict and make your business more efficient. Create an atmosphere where your people are motivated to achieve their best.

Personal Guidance Sessions              $780.00/hr, minimum three sessions*+
Couple Guidance Sessions                $850.00/hr, minimum three sessions*+

Intuitive Business Readings              $760.00/hr*+

Business Coaching                            $780.00/hr*

Motivational Speaking                      $3000.00*

Business Seminar/Training               $5000 full day*

Interpersonal Communication Assessment*            Call for a quote

                      *Plus expenses

                      +Can be done by phone

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